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With freezing winds blowing, Chloe checks out the snow this morning. Yesterday, the question was, snow?  Today, the answer is, sn...


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Chloe looks back at me after I mentioned the word 'snow'. Snow? That’s the forecast tonight for our part of the high desert. ...

Merry Christmas

M  e  r  r  y     C  h  r  i  s  t  m  a  s My Dog Chloe & Me


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Luminarias, a New Mexico Tradition

Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico Image Courtesy of Albuquerque Tourism Department I’ve always admired the luminaria displays during t...


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Recall Alert on Multiple Dog Foods!

I normally don’t post dog food alerts here at My Dog Chloe & Me, but I recently received a number of alerts within a short period...


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Do Dogs Love Us?

A fascinating article I read explored the question, do dogs love us? It suggested that if your dog stares long and hard at you, especi...


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Fall Back Tonight

Chloe stops for her picture in the park. Tonight, marks changing of time in the high desert with the fall-back, or setting your clock ...

Today, Chloe is Seven


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Balloon Overhead!

The Hearts A'Fire balloon flies over the house this morning. The cocker spaniel’s keen sense of hearing was on full display thi...


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Lady and the Tramp, Meets The Shaggy Dog

Chloe, my rag-a-muffin after seven weeks without a clipping. What happens when Lady and the Tramp,  meets The Shaggy Dog ? It’s how...


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Upstairs, Downstairs

Chloe poses next to the gate that leads to the upstairs. There’s a well-known British television series called Upstairs, Downstairs ...


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Don't Rock the Boat

"Don't Rock the Boat" You’ve heard the old saying, “don’t rock the boat,” which simply means don’t cause any disturbanc...

Enjoying the Rain

Watching the rain come down. July and August is the rainy season in the high desert, giving Albuquerque nearly 40 percent of its annu...

Chloe's Orange Leash

Chloe trots back to me during our training this morning. After an evening of high desert rains, we woke this morning to a sunny blue ...


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Chloe Rocks the Fedora!

Chloe rocks the fedora! What a Friday morning here in the high desert, …plenty of sunshine, …cool green g...


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Dancers and Dogs

Granddaughter - Allie - poses in her ballet outfit. (Image courtesy of the Carroll Family) Karen and I recently had the privilege o...


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Do Dogs Dream?

With one ear up against the chair back, and her head resting on her paw, I'm sure Chloe is dreaming as she sleeps. Does my dog dre...


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New Mexico Whiptail, Chloe's obsession this week.  (See Whiptail and Chloe in picture below). ob·ses·sion    | noun | preoccup...

Old Photographs

Linda Lee, July 1943. Old photographs not only bring the past to life, but they serve to solidify our own mental image of the events. ...


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Scoop It Campaign in Full Swing Again

Scoop the Poop! Well it appears that Albuquerque has restarted their ‘scoop it’ campaign again with a flurry of new sign postings in t...

I Work Hard

I Work Hard. Every now and then I come across a short pithy expression that makes me smile, and the little tagline printed on my new ...


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Urban Trail Walking

My favorite companion for urban trail walking. A number of our stories have extolled the virtues of walking the foothill trails i...

The Piano

The Piano I’ve often believed and have written that our lives are made up of many little short stories, and it’s the total accumulat...

They've Got Bette Davis Eyes

Chloe gives me her Bette Davis eyes. When you think of the cocker spaniel, what comes to mind as their most memorable feature? Is it ...



Hunting Season is Open

Waiting for the Whiptails to make their appearance in the wall. Earlier this week, Chloe reminded me that it’s hunting season once...

Art of the Pose

Chloe poses for the camera. Getting your dog in front of the camera is difficult enough, but to have them actually pose is sometimes n...


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Can Dogs Get the Flu?

Here we are in the middle of March and I’m just getting over the flu. It seems our 2017-18 Flu Season is one of the worst on record, o...

The Portrait of a Pet

Chloe's portrait. There’s nothing quite like receiving a painted portrait of your pet, especially if it’s done really well. Last ...

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