Hunting Season is Open


Waiting for the Whiptails to make their appearance in the wall.

Earlier this week, Chloe reminded me that it’s hunting season once again. I observed this not by her telling me this bit of news, but rather, I gleaned it from her stealthy maneuvers she was practicing in the backyard. Born into a heritage of hunting, the cocker spaniel never takes a break from the sport, but rather the intended prey just disappears at selected times of the season.

Take for instance birds that are typically abundant during the spring and summer when they dive bomb our water fountain looking for a cool drink, giving Chloe ample opportunities to participate in their hunt. By winter, many of those same birds have migrated south leaving the backyard void of their presence.

Now that it’s spring, another prey is just making its appearance. That of course would be none other than the official reptile of the state, the New Mexico Whiptail. They're especially interesting with their long tail, a head that bobs up and down in rapid succession, and their quick darting movements. The Whiptail has truly become a hunting favorite for Chloe.

Her score of kills - catching the little creatures - is in fact quite high. Last season alone, Chloe had a tally of three Whiptails that were caught unsuspectingly. 

So, once again Chloe takes to quietly observing, or should I say covertly watching. Yes, watching for their head to poke out from beneath the darkened crevices of the backyard wall.

Whiptails like to hang out in the darkened crevices of the wall.
The New Mexico Whiptail - official state reptile of New Mexico.
Grows between 6.5 to 9.1 inches in length.


  1. Quite a famous, and abundant little creature that is seen in the grasslands and desert regions here in New Mexico, and the surrounding southwest states. So famous in fact - that New Mexico had to make these little guys their official state reptile! One other thing - Whiptails are 'female' only.


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