Cocker Spaniel Property Laws

If you had civics in high school, you may remember the underlying principles for “Property Law,” which is the area of law that d...

Monday Morning Snow

Chloe had another opportunity at seeing snow this morning after a winter storm dropped a few inches of the white stuff here in t...


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A Pocket Perfect Treat

Under the threat of snowy skies, Chloe and I headed for the trails this morning. Stashed in my jacket pocket was her new favorite dog trea...


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Lady Chloe

Chloe’s real life resemblance to the cocker spaniel character of Lady in Disney’s movie, “Lady and The Tramp” has always been a ...


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Chloe's Mug

mug : (verb) to pose or make faces especially to attract attention or for a camera - Merriam Webster Sometimes you just h...


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The Snatcher

Snatch : to take or grasp abruptly or hastily < snatch up a pen> < snatched the first opportunity>; also : to se...
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