Lady Chloe


Chloe’s real life resemblance to the cocker spaniel character of Lady in Disney’s movie, “Lady and The Tramp” has always been a fun topic of conversation. On our recent vacation to Disney World, I kept a lookout for interesting memorabilia from the Disney production that had Lady’s likeness as a keepsake for Chloe. This included sorting through Lady as a stuffed animal, movie images, jewelry, T-shirts, and ceramic figurines to say the least.  

But finding one single item that would have some meaning took a little bit of patience. It wasn’t until we visited the Epcot Center, when I happened to walk into the gift shop “Art of Disney” that I found what I had been looking for. Shifting through a bin of authentic illustrations done by one of the Disney artists, I came across a sketch of Lady.

This was it, a simple signed pencil rendition of Lady. But to make it more memorable, I also wanted a few words added to the sketch by a Disney artist. At my request the words “Lady Chloe, Disney World, January 15, 2013” were written as our personal remembrance.

Our "Lady Chloe" in cartoon from Disney's "Lady and The Tramp"  

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