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Who's Behind the Gate?

On the walking route that Chloe and I frequently use, there are several houses that border the sidewalk where the homeowners use...


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Saturday Morning in the Park

After doing our Saturday morning walk, Chloe and I decided to hang around the park for a while. For Chloe it was a time to catch up on tho...


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Friday's Feline Greeting

On our Friday morning walk today, Chloe had the opportunity to meet one of the neighborhood felines. Although cats are nothing new to her,...


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September's Last Thursday Morning

Here we are on September’s last Thursday morning as Chloe and I head out the door at 6:30 am. It’s dark, but there’s enough light to see t...


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Chloe's Curious Nature

You might say, she’s just “curious”, but one of Chloe’s favorite things to do is watching the events that are going on around her. Thi...

Walking Essentials (Part 5) - Mace

On one of our July morning walks, we happened to stop and chat with another dog walker. The topic of discussion was the need for...


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Walking Essentials (Part 4) - Treats

Every dog likes to be given a food treat, and Chloe is no exception. Having tried several different brands of good wholesome nat...


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Walking Essentials (Part 3) - Harness & Leash

In my previous blog entry, I wrote about the virtues of using a harness in lieu of a collar for walking your dog. I started Chl...
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