Walking Essentials (Part 3) - Harness & Leash


In my previous blog entry, I wrote about the virtues of using a harness in lieu of a collar for walking your dog. I started Chloe out with a collar, but soon replaced it with a harness that she still uses today. The manufacturer and model is the “Four Paws Comfort Control Harness” in size x-small which implements a soft breathable mesh material for the chest and upper leg areas along with adjustable straps at the lower legs and upper body. It is a simple easy-on and easy-off harness, which only requires that I position her legs through each of the leg openings, and a single snap of the quick release buckle provides the fastening on her back.

Chloe’s leash, manufactured by “Kong”, is the six foot long “Bungee” model that delivers less tension on her body if she pulls. The stretchy bungee material located at the lower portion of the leash acts like a shock absorber if she happens to bolt forward in a sudden impulse. The looping bungee material also allows for a second grab point on the leash in bringing Chloe quickly to my side if necessary.

One other point that can be made for these walking essentials is my preference for aesthetics by having both the leash and harness match in color. Interestingly enough both of these items come from two different manufacturers that had a similar color palette. Chloe has received multiple compliments on her fashionable ensemble in royal purple, which I just happen to think goes great with her sable coloring.

Chloe shows off her comfort harness and bungee leash.

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