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A Litter of Classic Cocker Spaniels For Sale

Those that read this blog know that Chloe was originally from the Weems Family Kennel  in Portales, New Mexico. I still stay in ...

Chloe's Coolaroo

Chloe's Coolaroo Our summer high desert thunder-storms are now bringing increased humidity levels that translate to stic...


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Puppy Shenanigans

Shenanigans | noun \ she-nan-i-gans Silly or high-spirited behavior, mischief - Merriam-Webster There’s a word you...

Friday's Wild Rainstorm

Chloe in the park Saturday morning. Late Friday afternoon finally brought one wild rainstorm to the high desert that te...

Hanging With Biscuit

Do dogs develop friendships with other dogs? Interesting question, but all I know is that when Chloe meets Biscuit, she jumps, she twi...


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Chloe Meets a True Professional Groomer

It was the Saturday before the July 4th holiday when we decided that Chloe needed to visit the groomer once again. Two months ha...
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