Chloe's Coolaroo


Chloe's Coolaroo
Our summer high desert thunder-storms are now bringing increased humidity levels that translate to sticky feeling temperatures. Chloe however has learned to beat the heat with her "Coolaroo" bed. 

Manufactured with an aluminum base, and a breathable fabric, the Coolaroo has become Chloe’s favorite place to lay her head. The bed’s elevated height provides for plenty of air circulation underneath and on the sides.

Chloe’s medium sized Coolaroo is large enough for her to stretch out, and she especially likes the soft and cooling sensation of the pink terry cloth towel that we’ve added. The bed’s lightweight allows moving it on a whim giving Chloe a comfortable place for hanging out with me regardless if we’re inside watching television, or outside on the patio. 

Chloe rests her head on the Coolaroo.
Chloe finds the perfect place to beat the heat.

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