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In Search of Archeological Treasures

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd. Today Chloe and I left the comforts of the trail path in search of new discoveries. Like Harriso...

What's a Bun-Gee Pup-ee?

As we continue our search for the perfect leash, Chloe and I have been trying out the stretchy leash known as “Bun-Gee Pup-ee” ...


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"Who Loves Ya, Baby?"

Courtesy of CBS Television If you were growing up in 1973 I’m sure you’ll remember the catch phrase “Who loves ya, Baby?” ...


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Don't Be Like Minnie!

“Don’t be like Minnie!” are four words that Chloe has to be reminded with from time-to-time. As Chloe exits her puppy years, sh...

In Search of the Perfect Leash

This past week during our morning walks, Chloe and I have been in search of the perfect leash. You're probably asking, &quo...
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