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Go For Training, NDW 2015

Image of Butch by artist Albert Staehle, from the Saturday Evening Post, September 1947. Dog training whether it’s done by a profess...

Go For a Walk, NDW 2015

Go for a Walk. We’re officially into “National Dog Week”, which runs September 21-27, 2015. Now if you’re saying what has this got to...

Four Days Until Autumn

Chloe soaks in the high desert sunshine this morning. I n just four days the seasonal change into the autumn equinox will officially ...


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It's All About the Dogs, NDW 2015

National Dog Week poster stamp from 1936 (Note: September 21-27 date reflects NDW 2015) Each year William Lewis Judy commemorated NDW wit...


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National Dog Week 2015

National Dog Week 2015 Now that "National Dog Day", August 26th has passed, did you know there's another dog related ca...

Saturday Morning in the Park

Saturday morning in the park. With another workweek in the rear view mirror, Saturday was a time to head for the park,  and under a bl...
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