Go For a Walk, NDW 2015


Go for a Walk.

We’re officially into “National Dog Week”, which runs September 21-27, 2015. Now if you’re saying what has this got to do with me, the answer is simple, “nothing!” Hey it’s National Dog Week, which means, “its all about the dogs!”  That’s right it’s their week to be spoiled, pampered, played with, and basically given more attention then you might normally do.

Everyday is Chloe’s day here in our house, but I’m sure we’ll find something memorable to do, which brings me to the point of this posting, consider doing something memorable on your dog walk today:

1 - If you’re not walking your dog, particularly on a daily basis, today’s a good time to start. Not only will your dog thank you but your body will thank you for the exercise. 

2 - If you’re already an avid dog walker, consider changing your route. Make a left turn, instead of a right, and give your dog a little altered view of the scenery. On weekends, Chloe chooses the route, which interestingly enough is not our normal path. I think she just likes new things to smell and new dogs to meet.

3 - Bring along a new doggy snack that can be given at various intervals. Treats are a good motivator during a walk, and your dog will associate their walking time with a special treat.

4 - Join a dog pack, or more precisely find a friend with a dog, and create your own pack. There’s something special about good human conversation during the walk that passes the time. Chloe and me always enjoy our dog pack walks.

Remember be creative on your walk, …it’s National Dog Week!

PS: The image above was created by artist, Albert Staehle, who used his own dog“Butch” as the design model for the Saturday Evening Post cover in November 1944. Butch, a black and white cocker spaniel became a celebrity overnight with Post readers and adorned nearly two-dozen covers during the 1940s.

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