Go For Training, NDW 2015


Image of Butch by artist Albert Staehle,
from the Saturday Evening Post, September 1947.

Dog training whether it’s done by a professional or you personally spending the time with your dog in repetitively going over specific commands can be a rewarding experience. Did you also know that one of the reasons city pounds and shelters are filled to the brim with dogs is simply neglect on the part of the owner to train their puppy from the start.  A better-behaved dog means one that is truly fun to be around.
I spend a lot of time with Chloe, not because I have to, but because I want to. I talk to her at length practicing verbal commands and disciplining with kindness when necessary. She’s a great companion, a good listener, and most of the time an obedient follower of my words, unless of course "Her Inner Minnie" kicks in, which is a polite way of explaining her mischievous cocker spaniel nature at times. Yes, we’re still working on her Minnie moments, but even that will pass at she matures. 

One of the primary objectives of National Dog Week (NDW) is a better behaved dog, so why not make a resolution for a little extra time spent on training. Personal time with your dog will go a long way in making a more obedient follower of your commands. 

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