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"Best in Show", National Dog Show 2015

Watching the "National Dog Show" on TV with Chloe. Instead of doing Black Friday shopping, our family pack had the p...

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

In everything give thanks;  for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.                                                   ...


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The 30-foot Training Lead

Chloe poses with her 30-foot orange training lead. Although my recent blog postings have focused on finding the perfect walking lea...


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Hurtta "Free Hand Leash"

Petting Chloe while still being having my hand connected to her with the Hurtta "Free Hand Leash". Does the “free hand styl...



Hands Free Dog Walking

Chloe wears my favorite leash, the "Kong Bungee Leash". Although it's good, it's not perfect. Y ou may have read som...
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