"Best in Show", National Dog Show 2015


Watching the "National Dog Show" on TV with Chloe.

Instead of doing Black Friday shopping, our family pack had the pleasure of watching the encore presentation of the 2015 National Dog Show on television. Although not telecast live, (since the event was actually done earlier in the week) it was chance to continue our education on the various dog breeds, and their respective groupings within the American Kennel Club or AKC.

If you’ve spent anytime reading the stories here at My Dog Chloe & Me, you’ll know that the “Sporting Group” of dogs is my favorite, which of course is where Chloe, our American Cocker Spaniel girl fits in. It’s always fun seeing this group in dog shows, especially when I have one sitting right next to me, and it’s interesting to hear the show commentators giving their spiel to the breed's origins as the original hunting “gun dog” that includes Spaniels, Retrievers, Pointers, and Setters.

Watching Chloe’s reaction to the Show’s telecast was also just as entertaining. As each dog made an appearance, whether during the Show, or in a commercial, and when she happened to be looking at the television, Chloe would leap up and stand at the TV barking. While she obviously could see the dog, and knew it was a dog by sight, I don’t think she quite grasped where the dog actually was. In other words, she probably saw them as invading her turf even if it was only a digital image on a television. Now, didn’t I say that cocker spaniels make good watch dogs, …and by the way, if you didn’t catch the National Dog Show, a little buff colored American Cocker Spaniel won, “Best in Show” for the Sporting Group!

Chloe barks at the TV dog in this Purina pet food commercial.
An American Cocker Spaniel (seen in the TV above)
wins "Best in Show" for the Sporting Group!

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