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Ice Up Ahead

Today was only a little warmer than yesterday considering that it was around 30 degrees when we left at 7 am. Our walk was mostl...


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Observing From the Ground Level

It has been said that the sights of an area are best viewed from the pedestrian level. It's where you can observe the detai...


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An Annual Autumn Chore

Here we are, one day after Thanksgiving, and autumn is in full swing in the high desert. Nighttime temperatures are cold while d...


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Relax, Unwind and Crash

Each morning, Chloe and I enjoy our walk through the neighborhood and open trails. When we get home, Chloe likes to head for her...


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Fooling Around

You know your dog really understands you, especially when she sticks her tongue out at you. Today was just one of those days for...
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