Observing From the Ground Level


It has been said that the sights of an area are best viewed from the pedestrian level. It's where you can observe the details, and that’s exactly how Chloe and I have become familiar with the neighborhood, the parks, and the trails. We see them from the ground during our morning walk.

A few days ago we came across a series of interesting paw prints that were forever incased in the concrete sidewalk. Constructed nearly 20 years ago in 1993, evident by a nearby date stamped in the surface, it is obvious that a dog, or even a coyote happened to trot across the surface, and create the paw print impressions visible in the photographs below.

As an architect trained to capture the details, it’s what I like the most about physically walking with Chloe, where observing the little things can only be seen at the ground level.

Preserved paw prints in the concrete.  |  11.2012

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