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'Last Day' of National Dog Week 2017

The world likes dogs... Tell me you didn’t forget, but were you aware that this week was National Dog Week? Yes, it’s a seven day cel...


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Grooming Day

Chloe in the park on this Saturday morning. In a few hours, Chloe will be heading to the groomer for her six-week cocker spaniel make...

Summer's Almost Gone

Chloe's 'Oh No!' face when she hears summer's about to end. Here we are, the last Saturday morning of the summer in t...


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Emergency Evacuations & Pets

Emergency Evacuations & Pets (Image curtesy of Department of Homeland Security) For those of us outside of hurricane Irma’s path...


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Buster, Still Hiking at 78

Chloe greets Buster on this Saturday morning. Some of my favorite stories that I have written for “My Dog Chloe & Me”, are th...
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