Buster, Still Hiking at 78


Chloe greets Buster on this Saturday morning.

Some of my favorite stories that I have written for “My Dog Chloe & Me”, are those that involve the different dogs and their owners that we have met in our nearly 6 years of walking the high desert trails. On this first Saturday morning of September, we ran into Buster, one of the few fellow cocker spaniels that Chloe and me have greeted on many occasions.
At 14 years of age and taking it a little more slowly, Buster has reached the milestone equivalent of 78 in dog years. Although now blind and deaf, Buster still enjoys hiking the neighborhood with his owner. 

At 78, Buster is still hiking the trails.
Buster in his earlier years (circa 2011), enjoys a game of fetch.
(Image curtesy of Buster's Facebook Page)

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