A Dog's Instinctive Duties


Chloe with her "serious look" as workers invade her domain.

As an Architect, I often say,  "that once you build a house you’ll spend the rest of your life repairing it.” Regardless of how sturdily you might have built it, it’s simply the result of the natural environment acting against a manmade structure. The months of September and October 2015 will go on record as our home’s first major restoration since it's design in 1988 with workmen now scurrying around the property. Not bad when you consider we completed 27 years with just minor repairs to the majority of the dwelling.

Combined into the mix, of course is one cocker spaniel that has also been aware of the various tradesmen invading her private domain. It’s an instinctive trait that comes with a dog’s personality. Unfortunately, we had to curtail that internal desire of guarding the backyard in order to protect her from the construction activity.

But, as any dog owner knows, keeping a curious canine completely locked inside can only be achieved for so long, especially since their basic needs includes potty breaks, and a natural urge to see just exactly what’s going on. To relieve some of that dog anxiety, Chloe would be connected by leash and we would periodically survey the job and the property perimeter together. We are still a few weeks out from our home’s completion of new exterior work, but I have to say that Chloe has held up admirably despite being curtailed from completing her dog’s instinctive duties.

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