Four Days Until Autumn


Chloe soaks in the high desert sunshine this morning.

In just four days the seasonal change into the autumn equinox will officially begin on September 23rd at 4:21 am, but this Saturday, Chloe and me decided to spend one-more high desert morning enjoying the summer sun. It’s also our day of the week to kick back and relax with a later than usual hike on the trail.

Sitting together in the green lawn of the park made for the ideal location to soak in those early morning rays as well, and true to form, I captured Chloe doing just that in these picturesque images. She’s one smart dog that knows how to enjoy the comfort of that cool grass below, with the warmness of that New Mexico sunshine above. 

Chloe enjoys watching the activity in the park.
That high desert morning sun also makes you sleepy.
It doesn't get any better than cool grass and a warm summer sun!

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