It's All About the Dogs, NDW 2015


National Dog Week poster stamp from 1936
(Note: September 21-27 date reflects NDW 2015)

Each year William Lewis Judy commemorated NDW with a stamp and poster.

In the previous posting, I wrote that "National Dog Week" (NDW) established in 1928, is one of the oldest, and first recognized observances that honor our pets. It's founder was Captain William Lewis Judy, a decorated war veteran of World War 1, who had such a passion for dogs that he purchased and published the magazine "Dog World" for over four decades, authored "The Dog Encyclopedia: A Complete Reference Work on Dogs", founded the "Dog Writers Association of America", and established the fourth week in September as "National Dog Week". He was one of the first visionaries to understand that dogs could serve humans in many ways including their assistance in the military, in law enforcement, and as therapy companions. 

Cover of "Dog World" dated April 1937
featuring the Cocker Spaniel
In his Introduction for "The Dog Encyclopedia" William Judy captures the true meaning of man's best friend. (Note how he uses the old English Spelling of selected words).

"A kinship between man and the lower animals surely exists, for the good God who made us also made them as part of the order of creation. The barrier between the two has been the impossibility of communicating the thots (thoughts) of each other’s mind. 

Of all the dumb creation, the dog most nearly communicates with man. He can discern the moods of man, whether of gladness or sorrow, anger or pain, contentment or want, and can enter into these moods. More than any other animal he has given to man’s loyalty, companionship and usefulness. He aids in the quest of securing food and guards what is his master’s. All that he cares to know is whether the stranger is friend or foe. 

Gratitude is his abounding virtue; for a bone and a kindly word he will render loyalty at the danger of his life. This is the dog’s day and now all days are dog days. He has come into unusually great popularity, he is bred scientifically, he is exhibited for excellence at the show, and he is purchast (purchased) at a handsome price. Who invests in a puppy receives in return for his investment ten years of companionship, sport, and devotion that he can not purchase elsewhere at any price...."

- Introduction -
The Dog Encyclopedia: A Complete Reference Work on Dogs, 1925, William Lewis Judy

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