National Dog Week 2015


National Dog Week 2015

Now that "National Dog Day", August 26th has passed, did you know there's another dog related calendar event that is fast approaching? That's right, the last full week in September has the official sanctioning title of "National Dog Week". For 2015, it's celebrated as September 21-27.

Started in 1928, by author and publisher William Lewis Judy, National Dog Week has seven objectives:

- A good home for every dog

- Elimination of stray dogs from the street
- Better-informed dog owners
- Consideration for dogs and all animals
- Emphasis of the dog’s use as companion and protector
- Fair laws for dogs and dog owners
- Respect for the rights of non-dog owners

Most dog owning folks that I know see every day as a celebration of their dog, with long walks, good food, and plenty of loving affection, which sounds just like how we treat one little cocker spaniel in our family.

Happy National Dog Week Chloe!

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