Don't Be Like Minnie!


“Don’t be like Minnie!” are four words that Chloe has to be reminded with from time-to-time. As Chloe exits her puppy years, she still can get overly excited when playing games that causes her inner wolf nature, or is it her inner “Minnie nature,” to come through with a rough and tumble style of interaction. More than once our game of fetch the ball has turned into a rugby match with Chloe returning the ball with a leap into my lap with the force of a three hundred pound linebacker.

You see, Chloe’s parents had opposite personalities. Her father Buster, had an easy-going nature with an even temperament, while Minnie, Chloe’s mother, brought high energy to the mix. 

One of Chloe’s favorite games is tug-of-war where we originally used an old sweatshirt of mine as the rope. Chloe would tug on the sleeve while I pulled on the tail end. We still play tug-of-war, but in a much gentler form using one of her squeaky toys - that is until Chloe decides to grab the sleeve of my shirt and pulls with all her might.

That’s when I remind her again, don’t be like Minnie!

"Don't Be Like Minnie!"
Playing tug-of-war with my shirt.
Chloe's displays her inner Minnie nature.

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