"Who Loves Ya, Baby?"


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If you were growing up in 1973 I’m sure you’ll remember the catch phrase “Who loves ya, Baby?” along with the actor that coined these words from the seventies hippy lexicon. If you had guessed or remembered Telly Savalas in the television drama “Kojak” give yourself an A-plus. A hit in its first season, the story line followed a tough New York Police Detective, Theo Kojak (played by Savalas), in solving crime throughout the city.

I never really cared for the series when it first aired, but 40 years later I’ve become nostalgic to see New York City before 9-11. That’s the great thing about movie film and how it captures history, especially since the show was shot on location in New York. You get to see the monumental Twin Towers standing in many of the backdrop scenes, not to mention the automobiles and fashion styles of the day. 

Well, Chloe and I make it a point now to try and catch Kojak in the evenings on MeTV as part of our daily ritual of kicking back. Most of the time Chloe just yawns, and falls to sleep in my lap when the show comes on, but I tell her "who loves ya, baby?” as we make ourselves comfortable in the big easy chair.

"Who Loves Ya, Baby?"
Chloe and I kick back to watch Kojak.

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