In Search of Archeological Treasures


Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Today Chloe and I left the comforts of the trail path in search of new discoveries. Like Harrison Ford in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, we went on the hunt for ancient archeological treasures. Although we didn’t find riches or the lost ark, we did come across this unique sculpture near the park.

Surrounded by tall native vegetation, and partially hidden from view, this iron drainage grate had an outline that resembled the Great Pyramid of Giza. Resting on its concrete foundation, it gave the impression that it could have been built by a lost civilization.

After our find, I also promised Chloe that I'd get her a brown fedora just like Harrison Ford wears to complete her Raiders of the Lost Ark image.

Chloe discovers this unique structure.
"Hey, is anyone in there?"
In search of archeological treasures.

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