Puppy Shenanigans


Shenanigans | noun \ she-nan-i-gans
Silly or high-spirited behavior, mischief - Merriam-Webster

There’s a word you don’t hear everyday!

Just when you think she’s matured, particularly since her second birthday is fast approaching, Chloe pulls her puppy shenanigans when she brings sticks and live bugs into the house for a round of mischievous playing. She breaks twigs into smaller sized sticks and removes the foliage, and with bugs, I’ve seen her toss them across the room only to pick them up before heaving them skyward once again. 

You know that she’s up to something when she heads directly for the living room coffee table. You might say it her shenanigan’s hideout. From under the table, she dares you take away whatever she has at the time. It wouldn’t be so bad if Chloe removed the item after playing with it, but she has no intention of picking up after herself. She always seems to leave the carpet a mess with broken sticks, torn leafs and bug parts strewn all about before she heads off to find another object in which to create shenanigans!

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