Friday's Wild Rainstorm


Chloe in the park Saturday morning.

Late Friday afternoon finally brought one wild rainstorm to the high desert that tested Chloe’s reaction to thunder, and the sound of hail and rain beating sideways against the windows.

After it was all over, I was impressed in how none of it affected her. There was no howling, whining or running for the covers. She was calm, cool and collected during the whole ordeal as we sat together on the big easy chair listening to the rain and wind pound against the house.

Saturday morning saw the sun out again for our morning walk, and it was time to investigate the park to make sure that it had not floated away. Twelve hours after the storm, the  ground was still very wet as we made our way up the street and into the park.

Chloe heads for the playground to see how it faired,
...and everything looks intact.
...including the slide which is just a little wet.
Chloe moves on to her favorite part of the park,
...where she finds the grass smells especially good after the rain.


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