Chloe Meets a True Professional Groomer


It was the Saturday before the July 4th holiday when we decided that Chloe needed to visit the groomer once again. Two months had also past from her previous visit when the groomer had clipped her so drastically wrong that I wrote not one, but two blog stories about the incident. I felt so bad for Chloe’s experience that I immediately set out to find a completely new grooming service, along with the hope of finding someone with knowledge and experience in styling the cocker spaniel breed. 

My search began by asking fellow dog walkers of their recommendations for grooming services within the Albuquerque city limits. As time went on, it became evident that a small Albquerque shop, known as “Completely Gone To The Dogs” emerged as the top contender. 

The owner and licensed groomer of the shop is Lyn Martin, a person that truly brings an experienced hand (42 years worth) in the service of styling dogs that range from not only the household pets, but also to championship show dogs. When we picked up Chloe after her visit, I knew we had found a "true professional groomer" that understood the cocker spaniel.

Thank you again Lynn.

Chloe meets a true professional groomer.

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