How Much Rock Can A Cocker Spaniel Move?


Pile of stones at the street curb. 
How much rock, can a cocker spaniel move? That was the question I posed to Chloe the other day as we continue to work on changing our front lawn to xeroscape.  

Our high desert environment has seen minimal rainfall these last several years, and it was time to revise the plush green grass to a much less water consuming design. To contrast the new ground cover of gravel, a larger cobble sized stone is to be placed around the new native desert plantings.

That’s when I asked for Chloe’s help on how much of those cobbles she could help me move. Being of an analytical mind, Chloe of course examined the situation from every angle.

Let’s just say the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Chloe examines the rock pile from a distance,
...she also examines the rock pile closeup.
Chloe gives me the look, you want me to move what again?
With an analytical dog mind, Chloe calculates how far the rock is to be moved, she paces off the distance from the pile to the trees.
Chloe sits down to contemplate one more time the task at hand, 
...and finally tells me, "Let's go for a walk!"

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