It Was One Year Ago


Today, not only marks America’s Independence, but it’s also the first year anniversary of writing “My Dog Chloe and Me”. One year ago I launched this blog to capture the everyday stories of Chloe, our American Cocker Spaniel.

By writing them down my hope was to tell about these events from both a humorous as well as the serious side of one Spaniel’s life. From investigating new types of gear, to Chloe’s shy but mischievous nature, I wanted to create her memories by writing about what we observed when we didn’t even know we were observing it. Our life is a series of short stories, that form the memories we keep forever.

Chloe and I look forward to another year of chasing rabbits, meeting other dogs along with their owners, and of course, seeing the sunrise during our morning walks in the high desert of New Mexico, and thank you, for being a part of “My Dog Chloe and Me.”

It Was One Year Ago.

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