Sunday's Summer Images


Saturday was pretty hectic for Chloe that included being introduced to a new groomer, having her first car ride in the back seat without her traveling crate, and of course her early morning walk. All of them stories that I will write about later.

But today, we simply kicked it back a notch and decided to stroll up to the park and just hang out. Blue skies, green grass and a temperature in the low seventies made for a time to enjoy the start of the high desert summer.

Here are a few of today’s summer images.

Blue skies and green Grass,  
It's Summer in Our High Desert Park


  1. Charlee Bear treats are small oyster size crackers for dogs which comes in various flavors. Product is made in the USA. Each cracker is only 3 calories.

    This morning Chloe had "egg and cheese." These treats are the just the right size for carrying in your pocket and Chloe has never turned one down, but then Chloe has never turned down any treat.


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