Morning Treats


It was another hot day here in the high desert with temperatures above one hundred. That meant moving our morning walk up to 6 am where it was still a cool 75 degrees. Carrying  our K9 water bottle with plenty of H2O liquid, Chloe and I set off early. We didn’t immediately catch the Dog Pack, but waited for them at Chloe’s favorite bench on the trail where she knows Judy doles out the treats.

Depending upon what Judy is carrying on a particular morning those bite size morsels can be chicken, duck, salmon, and yes, …even alligator, which is pretty exotic for a human let alone a dog. On this particular morning there were also marble size cheese balls and small slices of hot dog available. Which only goes to show you, just how smart Chloe really is, since what dog wouldn’t patiently wait at the bench for their favorite treats.

Judy distributes morning treats to the dog pack.

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