The Cocker Spaniel Coffee Company


Move over Starbucks, here comes the Cocker Spaniel Coffee Company! 

It begins its advertisement with the phrase, “The Cocker Spaniel Company. With a keen sense of smell and a body built with the endurance needed for a long hunt, this Cocker Spaniel seeks out only the freshest Columbian beans.” 

What a unique idea, but unfortunately all that exists is this illustration, which I have to say looks a lot like Chloe behind that coffee cup. You see the Cocker Spaniel Coffee Company is the creative work of Stephen Fowler Design, of Gemini Studio. A signed copy of his handiwork is available for purchase at along with other dog-related art. 

Now I’m sure Chloe with her keen sense of intellect, and her talent for smelling out all sorts of things, could certainly seek out the freshest Columbian beans without a problem. Although Chloe’s not an avid coffee drinker (and I make it a policy that she doesn’t become one), I’ve caught her a few times sneaking a sip from my morning cup of Joe.

Cocker Spaniel Coffee Company

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