Walking Essentials (Part 2) - Water Bottle


Maintaining hydration in the high desert is the name of the game if you’re out walking under New Mexico’s intense sunshine. Each day before we start our walk, I fill up a small metal water container for Chloe. This not only makes the walk more comfortable, but it helps with keeping her hydrated. I particularly like the small 9.5 oz stainless steel water bottle product by H2O4K9 that has proven to be durable, leak proof, and especially easy to use. The company also manufactures a 25 oz size container for longer excursions and larger dogs.

The black colored plastic cap on the bottle quickly unscrews and doubles as a drinking bowl for Chloe. The cap's unique design also allows for the pouring of unused water back into the wide mouth bottle. Carrying the container is a snap, a neoprene holder also made by H2O4K9, neatly cradles the water bottle on your shoulder and out of the way allowing your two hands to be free for holding the leash, or grabbing dog treats out of your pocket. This particular water container has proven to be an invaluable component of the walking essentials.

Chloe drinks from her water bottle.

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