Walking Essentials (Part 1)


I use to think that dog walking was simply a matter of leashing up the pet and hitting the road. To some degree it still is, but our urban environment, and the desert climate here requires specific essentials that must be considered before stepping out the door. This blog entry will look at what I consider the "walking essentials", or the necessary gear that goes along during each morning’s walk with Chloe. From the photograph below, there are five essential items that are rounded up before the start of our venture:

1 - The dog harness
2 - The dog leash
3 - The dog water bottle with a shoulder carrying case
4 - The dog poop bags (definitely an essential!)
5 - The dog treats

Each of these serve a specific purpose which I will write about in more detail in upcoming entries, but I wanted this narrative to provide an overview where they can be pictured together. You might ask how do you carry all of this stuff? That’s simple, the water container over my shoulder in its carrying case, the dog poop bags in my right pocket, and the dog treats in my left pocket, not the whole bag of course, but just four or five of these bite size snacks. There is of course one other item that could be considered an essential and that is a pocket size can of “mace”. I’ll get into that in another entry as well.

Chloe eyes the treats in the walking essentials.

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