Presidents and Spaniels


Chloe's breed as an American Cocker Spaniel is part of the overall spaniel family, and they have been occupants of the White House at different times in our nation's history. As the country is about to officially enter the 2012 Presidential Elections, here’s a question for you, …which Presidents had a spaniel at the White House?

Let’s see, there was:

1  - James Monroe, our fifth President is listed as having a spaniel. 

2  - Rutherford B. Hayes had eight dogs, including one named Dot, a cocker spaniel. 

3  - Harry S. Truman had a beautiful blond cocker spaniel named Feller. 

4  - John F. Kennedy had a family of six dogs, including Shannon, an Irish Cocker Spaniel. 

5 - Richard M. Nixon had Checkers, a cocker spaniel that died in 1964 before he actually entered the White House, but history records the famous “Checkers Speech” that played a role in his electoral career. 

6  - Ronald Reagan had Rex, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was bestowed the title of “First Dog of the United States”. 

7  - George H.W. Bush brought Millie, a female Springer Spaniel that was also bestowed with the title of “First Dog of the United States”. 

8  - George W. Bush had Spot (Spotty Fletcher), from 1989 to 2009, a female Springer Spaniel that was a puppy from a litter of Millie. History records that Spot was euthanized after suffering from multiple strokes. 

Left Side - Spotty Fletcher, George W. Bush Administration
Right Side - Millie, George H.W. Bush Administration
Left Side - Checkers, Richard Nixon Adminstration
Right Side Top - Rex, Ronald Reagan Administration
Right Side Bottom - Feller, Harry Truman Administration

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