September's Last Thursday Morning


Here we are on September’s last Thursday morning as Chloe and I head out the door at 6:30 am. It’s dark, but there’s enough light to see the sidewalk. Not bad either for a fall morning at about 53 degrees outside. A slightly thicker fleece jacket, my gray cap and shorts, with treats in one pocket, poop bags in another, and the water bottle over my shoulder. That’s the picture of Chloe and I as we start our morning walk. 

Although she veers from side-to-side sniffing just about everything in sight, it’s a cocker spaniel trait, Chloe is also keeping up a good pace as we make our way to the park. I have to stop a couple of times to teach her the command of “drop it”, as she likes to pick up all kinds of strange objects.

This morning it’s the usual peach pits from neighbor’s trees, and what I can only describe as a dead freeze-dried lizard by the park’s sidewalk. It was a little disgusting to say the least, but Chloe finally let it go after I wrestled it out of her mouth.

This morning, Chloe watches the park's water sprinklers in action.

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