Who's Behind the Gate?


On the walking route that Chloe and I frequently use, there are several houses that border the sidewalk where the homeowners use the side yard for containing their dogs. Instinctively Chloe has learned where these homes are, and implements caution as we approach the gates that contain the barking dogs. Today, we came to one such gate as the rising sun casted its early morning glow, and where I was able to catch Chloe’s reaction moments before we passed.

When she hears the dog barking on the other side, Chloe returns the growl but quickens her pace until we are safely by. Judging by the deep throated sound that came from the opposite side, the dog is probably much older and larger then Chloe. Next time, I’ll try to look over the wall and snap a picture to see if my guess is correct.

Chloe approaches the gate with caution.

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