A Pocket Perfect Treat


Under the threat of snowy skies, Chloe and I headed for the trails this morning. Stashed in my jacket pocket was her new favorite dog treat from Charlee Bear Products. As a small oyster size cracker, that contains only 3 calories, it has become a motivator for her whenever our walk starts to slow, or as a reward when she heeds my command.

After handing her one of these, she immediately resumes the pace and gives me a nod of satisfaction. Containing only all USA ingredients as well as made in America, these all-natural treats come in a variety of flavors. Today, I was carrying beef liver, but there is also cheese and egg, turkey liver and cranberries, and chicken soup and garden vegetable. 

It’s important to keep the weight of your dog to a healthy level, and these low calorie treats can help assist with that goal, not to mention they're reasonable in price. For Chloe, they have proven to be Pocket Perfect for carrying with us on walks.

Chloe sits for a Charlee Bear treat this morning. 
One quick bite,
...and it's all gone!

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