The Snatcher


Snatch: to take or grasp abruptly or hastily <snatch up a pen> <snatched the first opportunity>; also: to seize or take suddenly without permission, ceremony, or right.
 -  Merriam-Webster

One of Chloe’s favorite games to play is “Snatch”.  She’s at her best in this game when her mischievous nature combines with her intellect. It’s a simple exercise that involves Chloe grasping for something in the blink of an eye, like a pair of socks, a pen, a piece of paper, …you name it! 

Just when your back is turned, she hops up on an open chair to grab the article from a table. In one quick jump she is off to claim her prize that she passionately guards with a low wolf growl when you try for a recovery.

Many times it requires a doggy treat for her in order for you to retrieve the article, especially if the item could cause her harm, like the colored ink from a marking pen. Chloe knows the treat routine as well, and plays the game of Snatch like a professional!

Chloe snatches a pair of pink socks, and dares you to take them away
A professional at the game of Snatch.

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