They've Got Bette Davis Eyes


Chloe gives me her Bette Davis eyes.

When you think of the cocker spaniel, what comes to mind as their most memorable feature? Is it their continuously wagging tail, how about those long silky ears, or maybe it’s their curly fur? While all of them are worthy attributes that make the cocker spaniel unique, I would respond, …it’s those eyes. They’re not only large, round in shape and expressive, but they truly have a soulful appearance when they look at you. In fact, I would add, …they’ve got Bette Davis eyes.

Yes, that Bette Davis, the legendary film actress with a sharp wit and stunning deep blue eyes. You may even remember the 1981 pop hit song, titled “Bette Davis Eyes” song by Kim Carnes, and most recently made popular again by Taylor Swift. The song’s lyrics popularized the seductive mystique of Ms. Davis’s expressive eyes. 

Throughout her long film career, Davis played many roles that prominently featured her eyes, her sharp wit, and an over the top sassy tongue. She could easily stare down her adversary while scolding them without even blinking.  

I should also add, that the seductiveness that Davis often portrayed in her films can no doubt be found in our cocker spaniels. Their merry temperament and their love of mischief that are traits always expressed in their eyes, makes the cocker spaniel an easy case for defining what we love in their appearance, their personality and their loyalty to us. 

Most definitely, they’ve got Bette Davis eyes! 

Bette Davis, with her famous eyes.

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