Urban Trail Walking


My favorite companion for urban trail walking.

A number of our stories have extolled the virtues of walking the foothill trails in urban Albuquerque. Not only are they conveniently located within a short distance from our front door, but they provide easy hiking through native landscaping that’s isolated from the sounds of city traffic.

Much of these urban trails measure a scant six feet across in width where there’s just enough room for dog walkers, runners, cyclists, and pedestrians to squeeze by each other. These trails weave through the same picturesque landscaping that’s portrayed in those western movies, you know, the prickly cactus along with tumble weeds that move about at the discretion of the blowing winds.

Such vegetation undoubtedly makes the southwest what it is. It’s dry, arid, but certainly romantic, especially when your senses factor in the deep red hues of a sunset, or when you hear the evening cries of a coyote howling off in the distance. And even though the mountains are still two miles to the east, the elevation that these trails climb, provides a panoramic view of the city boundaries to the west.

Yep, all of those are part of the urban desert fabric, and it’s what makes walking with Chloe each and every morning, truly memorable, and so much fun.

There's always something that requires a look on the urban trail.

Native sage brush landscaping is what you see in the western movies.

Of course, there's always time to mug for the camera!

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