The Portrait of a Pet


Chloe's portrait.

There’s nothing quite like receiving a painted portrait of your pet, especially if it’s done really well. Last week I received such a portrait of Chloe - from my daughter, Noelle - for a belated birthday gift. As a talented artist in her own right, she didn’t paint this, but had it commissioned from Anarey Studios. Chloe also didn’t sit for her painting, especially being full of that cocker spaniel energy. She rarely sits still for anything, let alone a portrait. This was created from one of my blog photographs announcing Chloe’s new book. 

What makes a good painting, just like what makes a good photograph is of course subjective. Some may prefer the abstract, where the final rendition captures an idealized form, while others will have a preference for a more truer representation of the subject. As an architect, always designing within the non-abstract environment, I fall into the latter camp, preferring a painting that captures its subject with a sense of realism.

Looking at the portrait I no doubt can say that is Chloe. It portrays with realism not only the cocker spaniel innocence of their large soulful eyes, their long ears, and the tilt of their head, …but I also sense their fun-loving mischievousness!  

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