Enjoying the Rain


Watching the rain come down.

July and August is the rainy season in the high desert, giving Albuquerque nearly 40 percent of its annual rain fall in just two short months. Affectionately known as the monsoon season, thunderstorms and flash flooding followed by brilliant sunshine are all too common right now.

As I was watching a recent thunderstorm with Chloe - under the protective cover of our front door - it suddenly brought on a memory recall of the phrase, “…the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”  Those of you familiar with the movie, My Fair Lady, know those words as an elocution exercise from Professor Higgins for Eliza Doolittle. As I mentioned the phrase to Chloe, she immediately gave me the cocker spaniel head tilt implying,

“Isn’t it the rain in Spain ‘falls’ mainly in the plain? I could see where Chloe’s logic was going, especially considering how fast the rain was now coming down!

“No”, I said, “that’s where a lot of movie viewers get it wrong, it’s the rain in Spain ‘stays’ mainly in the plain.” 

“Oh,” exclaimed Chloe, tilting her head just a little more, “Are you sure?” 

“Yea,” I remarked, “but, it’s not important, let’s just enjoy the rain!”

The sun comes through the rain clouds highlighting Chloe.

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