Chloe's Orange Leash


Chloe trots back to me during our training this morning.

After an evening of high desert rains, we woke this morning to a sunny blue sky. Upon downing a cup of coffee for a quick breakfast, I harnessed up Chloe for a walk to the park with a chance to practice using her 30-foot long orange leash. The training leash as it’s officially termed is used for call-back practice. In other words, you connect up the dog, allow them to trot a distance away, and then you give them a call-back command, all while under the safety of the attached lead.

It’s been while since Chloe’s been tethered to the long leash with its additional freedom of length and added weight, so today was mainly for her to get the feel of it again. Obviously with the park’s rain soaked grass, Chloe’s hunting instincts also kicked in with plenty of new searchable scents that needed to be investigated. It made for today’s practice site less than ideal for a dog’s undivided concentration on training. 

But, for the most part Chloe heeded my call back words with a walk back to me for a treat, to which I soon realized, that while you can take the cocker spaniel out of the hunt, can’t take the hunt out of the cocker spaniel!

Chloe gives me the stare for her treat after heeding the call-back command.

Distractions of new scents in the grass makes training more difficult this morning.
Chloe is all smiles after today's training!

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