Scoop It Campaign in Full Swing Again


Scoop the Poop!

Well it appears that Albuquerque has restarted their ‘scoop it’ campaign again with a flurry of new sign postings in the park. It’s a pretty simple task actually, grab it, bag it, and toss it in the trash, and it’s only three steps, so I’m not sure why it’s such a chore for some of our urban dwellers.

Is it because they think it’s somehow degrading to pick up after their dog? Or is it, they just don’t notice their dog going to the bathroom? Or is it, more likely they don’t care? I find it quite surprising, especially in light of today’s constant concern for the environment.

Regardless of where you live, here’s a top ten list of reasons by the Virginia Department of Conservation of why you need to scoop your dog’s poop! 

Reason 1 - Storm water carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into your water ways. 

Reason 2 - Animal waste adds nitrogen to the water, and excess nitrogen depletes oxygen in the water killing underwater plant growth and fish.

Reason 3 - Animal waste often contains harmful organism, such as Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that can be transmitted to humans and animals by ingesting contaminated water. 

Reason 4 - Roundworms and hookworms that are deposited from waste of infected dogs, can live in the soil for long periods of time, and can be transferred to other dogs, and humans. 

Reason 5 - No one wants to step in dog poop, where it can be spread to homes or places of business. 

Reason 6 - Scooping it prevents odors. 

Reason 7 - It’s easy to clean up by carrying a plastic bag. Baggies are secure and can be disposed of in a trash can, and most city governments already provide the free bags in convenient locations along walkways, trails and parks. 

Reason 8 - Your neighbors will appreciate your good manners. 

Reason 9 - More hotels and places of business are apt to become pet friendly when they see there are conscientious dog owners. 

Reason 10 - It’s the law! Many urban and suburban areas require that you pick up after a pet, and even if there are no restrictions, cleaning up after your dog is the right thing to do!

What's so hard about grab it, bag it, and toss it in the trash?

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