New Mexico Whiptail, Chloe's obsession this week. 
(See Whiptail and Chloe in picture below).


| noun | preoccupy or fill the mind continually 

'Obsession' was the key word for Chloe. In short, she was obsessed in hunting the New Mexico Whiptail lizard in the backyard. Earlier in April, I wrote "Hunting Season is Open", but I think this week she spent every waking hour pacing back and forth observing the railroad tie wall, or sitting patiently in the grass watching for even the tiniest of movements within the wall’s darkened crevices. 

When the afternoon rolled around, Chloe retreated to the comfort of the living room, watching out the opened backyard door with a steely eyed stare toward the wall. When I greeted her after work, Chloe came by for the routine petting, and then swiftly retreated to the backyard once again for lizard surveillance.

On the flip side, it was not a good week to be a Whiptail, especially since Chloe had chalked up two catches in the span of just a few short days. Each time she brought her captured prey into the house to show us her deed. Fortunately, we managed to save one of the Whiptails directing it out a backdoor, while Chloe was distracted with a treat. 

As for the other Whiptail? Well, we were too late. Chloe’s playfulness amounted to smacking the poor lizard around with her paws, and if you know anything about these tiny creatures, …they’re just not built for taking a playful swipe from a cocker spaniel.

Just out of reach, Chloe, stands against the fence 'obsessed' with this Whiptail seen above.
Chloe paces up and down the wall, intent on capturing that Whiptail.
I scooted the Whiptail out of the rocks, and over the masonry wall to safety.

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