Do Dogs Dream?


With one ear up against the chair back, and her head resting on her paw,
I'm sure Chloe is dreaming as she sleeps.

Does my dog dream while asleep? Maybe you’ve noticed your dog twitch, move a paw, or even give out a short yelp or bark while they’re asleep. According to the latest scientific research, those are signs that the answer is yes - our dogs are more than likely dreaming in their sleep.

Making the next question, what is my dog dreaming about? It's believed that a dog’s dream centers around topics they’re most interested in, like chasing after birds, eating food, going on walks, fetching balls. You name it, whatever your dog likes to do in their waking hours, that’s what they’re dreaming about.

In controlled sleep testing, where researchers monitored a dog’s brain and muscle activity, dogs appeared to be reliving their daily experiences in dreams just as humans do. It’s even believed, that a dog’s breed affects their dream, such that a German Shepard dreams about guarding, or a Golden Retriever, retrieving.

So, what’s a cocker spaniel dreaming about? That could be difficult, since it’s a breed that likes to do a lot of things, like hunting, playing, and of course always being sociable. But if I know Chloe - and I’ve seen her twitch, move her paws and bark while asleep - my guess would be, getting treats!

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