Dancers and Dogs


Granddaughter - Allie - poses in her ballet outfit.
(Image courtesy of the Carroll Family)

Karen and I recently had the privilege of attending a ballet performance put on by the Magnify Dance Center of Albuquerque. Three of our granddaughters - Allie, Bella, and Savannah - were included among the company’s young ballerinas, with Savannah, making her debut on stage. All of the performances, from the tiny three-year olds, up to the semi-professional dancers, were simply outstanding with their ability to exhibit not only grace under pressure, but true poise in front of a packed audience.

Interestingly enough, I came across an internet site, named "Dancers and Dogs", that is a project to professionally photograph dancers alongside dogs, with a focus on ballet and contemporary dance. It’s a clever idea to showcase such performers, and quoting from the website,

“…it would be great way to show the lighter side of the dance world, since dancers are often depicted as being so serious, and sometimes even unapproachable or like fairy-tale creatures. This shows their human side, their silly side.”

Kimberly Morse of the Saint Louis Ballet with Mikey.
(Image courtesy of

In my mind, the sociable cocker spaniel is the perfect breed to be showcased in such photographs with their illustrious history of dancing and twirling with children and adults alike. “So, Allie, Bella, and Savannah, your granddad has a great new idea, I need dancers to pose with Chloe!”

The young ballerinas backstage - Savannah (left), Bella (right),
- showing us the silly side of dancing!

(Image courtesy of the Erenstein & Carroll Families)

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