Lady and the Tramp, Meets The Shaggy Dog


Chloe, my rag-a-muffin after seven weeks without a clipping.

What happens when Lady and the Tramp, meets The Shaggy Dog?

It’s how Chloe appeared after seven weeks without a visit to the groomer! Her normal schedule is five weeks for a cut and shampoo, but our groomer added a two-week vacation extension, making five weeks turn into a little over seven between clippings. No fault of Chloe’s who in fact doesn’t really mind the attention she gets when someone brushes her fur out, although rumor has it that she hates the groomer’s blow dryer, pushing it out of the way with her paw. 

Our New Mexico environment doesn’t help the situation either with the adobe colored soil and the desert dust that we encounter on the trail. It sticks to everything! Seven weeks though is really pushing it for the cocker spaniel breed, who’s fur can be seen growing before your very eyes, which of course is an exaggeration, but probably not by much!

No, the cocker spaniel needs to be groomed regularly to keep them looking good, staying healthy and keeping that hair out of their eyes. Long fur that gets out of control is a magnet for small bits of leaves, underbrush, and other desert planting’s in our neck of the woods.

What a relieve it was when Chloe, aka “Lady”, finally got in to see the groomer this past week!

Images courtesy of Disney.

By the way, Disney made those two great dog movies I referenced earlier. The animated film, Lady and the Tramp was done in 1955, followed by the non-animated comedy, The Shaggy Dog, released in 1959 and starring actor Fred MacMurray. Catch them some time, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you love dogs!

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